What does refill mean

Refill means that if you order 1000 of a service and they drop to 700, within the given refill time, you contact me and I will get the service back to 1000 at no cost to you.

What is partial status?

Partial Status is when we partially refund the remains of an order. Sometimes for some reasons, we are unable to deliver a full order, so we refund you the remaining undelivered amount. Example: You bought an order with quantity 10 000 and charges 10$, let's say we delivered 9 000 and the remaining 1 000 we couldn't deliver, then we will "Partial" the order and refund you the remaining 1,000 (1$ in this example)

What is drip feed?

Drip Feed is a service that we are offering so you would be able to put the same order multiple times automatically. Example: let's say you want to get 1000 likes on your Instagram Post but you want to get 100 likes each 30 minutes, you will put Link: Your Post Link Quantity: 100 Runs: 10 (as you want to run this order 10 times) P.S: Never order more quantity than the maximum which is written on the service name (Quantity x Runs), Example if the service's max is 4000, you don’t put Quantity: 500 and Run: 10, because total quantity will be 500x10 = 5000 which is bigger than the service max (4000). Also never put the Interval below the actual start time (some services need 60 minutes to start, don’t put Interval less than the service start time or it will cause a fail in your order).

Pending / Processing / In Progress / Completed Meanings

Pending means that your order is awaiting recognition from the bot to begin processing. Processing means that your order is recognized by the bot and is getting closer to being delivered. In progress means that it has passed all the stages to check for errors and any issues and is waiting to be delivered or being delivered, it is normal to not see any delivery in this stage, it will come soon, once completed, your order is finished and has been completely delivered, if there is an issue please contact me.

Cancel button/refill button is not working for me?

The cancel or refill button sends a trigger to cancel or refill an order, it doesn't work instantly, it's just a trigger, sometimes it's too late to stop an order, and sometimes an order might not need a refill.

How long will my service take to arrive?

Service times vary and are not exact but have listed startup times under the specifications. But those only estimation

Will I get banned using any of these services

Anything is possible and there is always a risk in every service, even though the risk is very minimal.

Do you give discounts for bulk orders?

No, but you can purchace reseller package if you want

Child panel - Discount 5% (monthly for hosting)
Reseller Package - Discount 35% (Permanent)

if buy both total discount - 40% 

Will my service drop and can you tell me by how much it will drop?

I cannot guarantee a specific amount that your services could drop, they could drop a lot, some, or none but you can refill it if specified in the service.

Can I resell your services?

Yes, you can resell my services and you can sell them for whatever price you desire but I do not give a discount to resellers.

to get discount buy reseller package

Child Panel - Discount 5% (Monthly)
Reseller Package - Discount 35% (Permenent)

both discount total - 40%

What is Child panel

Child panel is your own website to sell smm services.
You will simply connect it to us only and sell directly to your clients!,
You can set your own price & currency

( Fund will be deducted from your SMMServices.ORG account balance)